Services Commercial Agreements

Successful deals require well-constructed contracts that do not only seal the deal but also lay the foundation for sustainable partnerships. This is particularly true for commercial agreements, which must often be designed to keep the parties’ expectations and interests aligned for a long period of time. A well-constructed agreement must not only handle legal risks; it must also be clear, be useful in practice, and work as a checklist for the parties. Often, commercial agreements must be agile and allow for changes during the process. For start-ups with a focus on international e-commerce, it can be particularly challenging to ensure that the corporation’s agreements comply with the legal requirements in the consumer and privacy fields in various jurisdictions.

Our attorneys routinely advise on commercial agreements both within the private sector and the governmental sector. We draft and negotiate commercial agreements and make sure they are well implemented. We draft and review client agreements in connection with mergers & acquisitions and corporate restructurings (vendor due diligence). We also produce toolkits that include templates, playbooks, decision-making matrixes, and training materials to support successful contract negotiation. In addition, we advise corporations with global businesses on adapting their contract templates and agreements to conform to Swedish law and Swedish best practices.

Our team offers advice to clients across a broad range of industries, for example industrial services, energy and technology, consumer businesses, services, gaming and gambling, and e-commerce. We also advise clients within the governmental sector as well as municipalities and regions. We know that every industry is unique and requires knowledge of general terms and conditions, industry and trade practices, industry codes and best practices.

We Know Start-ups and Emerging Companies

Our attorneys routinely draft commercial agreements tailored to suit the special needs of start-ups and emerging companies aiming to take the next step on their journey. Together with experts from other Kilpatrick teams, we advise start-ups and emerging companies in connection with issues of shares, convertibles and stock warrants as well as other sources of fundraising. We also advise on shareholder agreements, financing agreements, consultancy agreements, cooperation agreements, and partnership agreements. In addition, we draft re-seller agreements, distribution agreements, license agreements, general terms and conditions (B2B and B2C) and other types of contracts that are often critical to start-ups and emerging companies.

Kilpatrick’s Services

Our attorneys know that successful negotiations often require a pragmatic approach and creative solutions. With our experience, we are in a position to offer cost-effective solutions that benefit all parties to the agreement and prevent zero-sum thinking. In short, we keep each client’s business in focus. We engage to understand the driving forces behind each project and deal. That is how we add value, irrespective of whether the client’s business is in the tech field or focuses on e-commerce, gaming and gambling, fintech, renewable energy, governmental contracts, or any other industry.

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