Services Public Procurement

Our public procurement team advises contracting authorities and entities, as well as Swedish and foreign suppliers throughout the procurement lifecycle — from the initial stages to any court proceedings and contractual matters. Our lawyers handle procurement matters for both public and private businesses, bringing extensive experience in the construction, infrastructure, transport, energy, and defense sectors.

Focus Areas

  • Procedural advice on public contract awards
  • Audits and quality assurance of tender documents
  • Advice regarding confidentiality and confidentiality decisions
  • Qualifying and evaluating submitted tenders
  • Strategies for issues during the procurement process, including negotiations and dialogues
  • Second opinion on compliance with public procurement regulations
  • Assistance in all types of review, ineffectiveness, and damages matters, as well as questions regarding procurement fines
  • Negotiations, interpretations, and changes concerning procured contracts
  • Continuous legal advice in public procurement matters

When working on the supplier side, we typically engage early on in the process. Throughout the procurement, we adapt our services to the client’s needs and the complexity of the procurement, whether merely brainstorming or providing comprehensive support throughout the tender process. We also work closely with the client’s bidding team to obtain a quality-assured tender, while alternatively reviewing the client’s bidder to ensure that the tender is qualified.

For foreign clients, questions about consortia and other appropriate structures often arise in order to participate in public procurements. If necessary, we work with our U.S.-based offices to find best practice solutions and benchmarking.

We provide advice on procurement options, document design (e.g. claim and evaluation model), and the conclusion of agreements and framework agreements. Our advice includes drafting of decision documents for possible restructuring of activities on the public side, such as having the procurement in-house. We also prepare answers to questions asked during procurement, while ensuring that the procurement process is designed in accordance with the procurement law principles.

Our lawyers assist in court proceedings in both administrative and general courts, including initial risk management and assessment of process requirements. We leverage our extensive experience in the utilities sectors to help clients identify their action options and take advantage of any opportunities that arise in connection with the process. We also provide contractual support for procured contracts. We focus on giving specific, strategic advice on how businesses can evolve within the legal procurement framework. As such, our team provides all-inclusive advice — from contract management and contractual follow-up to negotiation support concerning the interpretation and amendment of procured contracts.